Green Pastures AgriVillages: Industrial Hemp & Intentional Construction Development

Hemp Espirit de Corps

Green Pastures AgriVillages has chosen industrial hemp as a specialty crop. Industrial hemp holds infinite applications. The primary purpose for hemp production, for Green Pastures AgriVillages, is for intentional and sustainable construction.

Intentional communities using hemp construction is the creative and necessary innovation for 21st century global agrihoods - neighborhoods, villages, & small communities!

“Hemp includes all varieties of the Cannabis genus that contain negligible amounts of THC (a component of the cannabis plant that can be intoxicating when heated).”[1, Hemp Bound by Doug Fine, p. xix] THC is the acronym for tetrahydrocannabidiol, and is the psychoactive component for recreational use of this plant. Hemp is synonymous with “industrial cannabis”. [2, Hemp Bound by Doug Fine, p. xix]

“Cannabis is a dioecious plant (there are males and females), and branches are covered with hand-like leaf fans.”[3, Hemp Bound by Doug Fine, p. xix] “Originated in Central Asia, hemp has a four to six month growing cycle and has been successfully cultivated on every continent except Antarctica.” [4, Hemp Bound by Doug Fine, p. xix-xxii]

“Mature plants range from two to twelve”, or more feet. [5, Hemp Bound by Doug Fine, p. xxii]

  • A hemp crop can be grown without the use of herbicides or insecticides.
  • Hemp produces up to four tonnes of material per acre per year.
  • It is especially suited to organic sustainable agriculture.
  • Hemp is categorized as a bast fibre crop.
  • It has a stem consisting of an outer skin containing long strong fibres surrounding a hollow wood core.This woody core is of a very open sponge like structure. (
  • After processing the stems, two materials are produced; hurds and fibres.
  • Both hurds and fibres have properties that make them useful in building construction. (
  • Hemp hurds are mixed with a combination of lime products to produce a light weight, insulating, breathing material.
  • The mixture of lime to hurds varies with the type of construction application and prevailing climatic conditions. (
  • This hempcrete is cast around a framework.
  • This is achieved by tamping down between shuttering, or it can be sprayed against a formwork (permanent or temporary).
  • Internally a variety of finishes are possible. In this example the framework has been left exposed and the hempcrete finished with a natural paint. (

Externally the hempcrete is finished with a lime render, which can be painted with breathable natural paints.

“Hempcrete in twelve inch thick sections has an R-value…of twenty (20#).” [1, HempBound by Doug Fine, p,33-34] Hemp insulation “takes less” energy, and will “keep a house heated to seventy degrees Fahrenheit (70 F/21 C)”. [2, HempBound by Doug Fine, p,33-34]

Hempcrete is “easy to apply on-site…, is caste around a” framework of support. [3, HempBound by Doug Fine, p,33-34]