Green Pastures AgriVillages features Soil Secrets!

Green Pastures AgriVillages features Soil Secrets!

Green Pastures AgriVillages has partnered with Soil Secrets LLC to offer a ‘premium professional soil treatment inocula’ line of products designed to stimulate healthy soils!

There are essential biochemical processes necessary for optimal plant nutrition. This premium product line meets the benchmark of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and are available for use on organic certified farms. Soil Secrets also participates in the USDA Certified Biobased Program.

Urban gardens and lawns may safely access Soil Secrets products for optimal plant and sod health! Rest assured that these plant-derived, organic treatment essentials actually serve Mother Earth, her “soil food web”, and any plants or crops grown!

Green Pastures AgriVillages welcomes the two designations of Soil Secrets LLC with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and the USDA Certified BioBased Product.

In addition, Soil Secrets science in Humic Acids is the best in the world, using a “Commercial Proprietary Information Contract” at the National Labs. Soil Secrets owns the only molecular science on the species description of soil carbon molecules generically called humic acids (Acct#-483 715 for orders).

Benefits of Soil Secrets:

  • Improved water drought tolerance for crop production!
  • Improved water storage in soil!
  • Optimal efficiency of photosynthesis!
  • Improved nutrient exchange!
  • Optimized local “soil food web”!

“Soil Food Web”

Green Pastures AgriVillages believes in the Soil Secrets premium product line. This amazing product line reveres the “soil food web”, network of ecosystems, which provides nutrient distribution for the multiple feeding levels found within Mother Earth – the “Soil Food Web”(SFW)!

The SFW refers to an earth-based ecosystem (“community of organisms”) where these biological beings live most or part of their lives in the soil (e.g. bioactivity). This is all happening below ground, containing diverse trophic or feeding systems. SFW holds symbiotic relationships with the environment, including plants and animals.

Further, there is an intricate level of bioactivity with transfers of energy, between multiple species, within a biologically based system (ecosystem).

Soil Secrets taps into the SFW:

1) Decreases water usage!

2)Supports drought resistance!

3) Increases plant health

4) Increases crop production yields

5) Optimized “Soil Food Web” conditioning

6) Decreased costs long term

Applied Science of Humic Acids: TerraPro®

Green Pastures AgriVillages, with the support of Soil Secrets, uses sound science to support healthy soils. Some of this sound science includes humic acids. Humic acids are essential to the best quality, healthy, rich, and most productive soils in the world!

Humic acids offer the capacity to actually build and condition the soil’s ecosystem, leading to an appearance of a very dark fertile quality. Humic acids are nature’s best chelators of ‘plant nutrient bioavailability’, and are “…essential for a healthy and productive soil”(J. Chemical Education, 12/2001).

With ‘humic acid enrichment’, microbes are nurtured within the “soil food web” (SFW) creating an environment favorable for maximized root growth (root zone). Therefore, essential water and trace elements have increased bioavailability within the SFW. Plants receive improved nutrition and overall health. Healthy plants are more “nutrient dense”, when filled with vitamins and minerals.

Green Pastures AgriVillages appreciates Soil Secrets’ ability to authentically honor the essential element of carbon, which is contained within soils, as humic acids. Humic acids have supramolecular capability for effectiveness in treatment for land remediation. Their ability for land remediation can counter toxins, corrosive materials, and even salty environments. This furtherimproves the SFW!

Soil Secrets Benefits:

  • Improves nutrient uptake!
  • Improves “SFW” structure & root development!
  • Increases beneficial microbes!
  • Increases crop yield production!
  • Retains nourishment; holds water better!
  • Minimizes runoff & potential for drought!
  • Improves fertility!
  • Remediates damage by crude oil, salt; mine tailing by removing heavy metals from water/soil!

Applied science for Green Pastures AgriVillages with Soil Secrets:

  • Agri-Enterprises
  • Landscapes
  • Construction
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Land Rehabilitation & Restoration
  • Bio-remediation

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy Beings

Green Pastures AgriVillages offers this simple equation to educate citizens as to the necessity of understanding and supporting the “soil food web”! It is with great joy for Green Pastures AgriVillages to feature Soil Secrets.

This phenomenal premium product line realizes that the element of nitrogen is an essential ingredient of the “soil food web”! Soil microbes and plants live in a symbiotic relationship that requires nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a building block of amino acids, and, amino acids are the building blocks of protein! Supplying the “soil food web” with easily accessible and quality protein nutrients, such as Protein Crumblies® that contain “essential amino acids”, optimally nourishes the soil’s ecosystem in our precious earth! With optimal nourishing comes optimal flourishing!

TerraPro of Soil Secrets:

  • Provides amino acids containing essential Nitrogen element!
  • Improves plant’s nutritional value!
  • Improves environmental sustainability
  • Increases crop yields!
  • Increases monetary revenue!

Mycorrhizal Products

Green Pastures AgriVillages realizes the significance of mycorrhizal fungi for optimal and overall healthy soils! Mycorrhizal species of fungi are beneficial and essential to healthy soil components, such as the “soil food web”. “Myco” refers to “mushroom”, and “rhizal” refers to “related to roots”.

These benevolent fungi partner with many plants and trees. Their capability involves forming “exterior sheaths” symbiotically surrounding the root system for partnered plants (ectomycorrhizae). In addition, “Mycorrhizal fungi” seek the interior of “root cells” of “host plants” (endomycorrhizae).

Soil Secrets provides the highest quality and concentration of mycorrhizal soil treatments available on the market! EndoMaxima®, White Lightning®, and MycoMaxima® offer high quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence with professional concentrated products. All products are available in large quantities.

Mycorrhizal fungi form a mutualistic relationship with the roots of most plant species. In such a relationship, both the plants themselves and those parts of the roots that host the fungi, are said to be mycorrhizal. Relatively few of the mycorrhizal relationships between plant species and fungi have been examined to date, but 95% of the plant families investigated are predominantly mycorrhizal either in the sense that most of their species associate beneficially with mycorrhizae, or are absolutely dependent on mycorrhizae. The Orchidaceae are notorious as a family in which the absence of the correct mycorrhizae is fatal even to germinating seeds.

Mycorrhizal Fungal Benefits of Soil Secrets:

  • Builds topsoil for sequestering of essential carbon!
  • Increased crop yields!
  • Improved drought tolerance; sustainability!
  • Improved mineral nutrient uptake!
  • Improved food nutrient density!
  • Protects roots from damaging nematodes!
  • Improved ability to tolerate environmental stressors!
  • Increased profitability!

Feeding or Fertilizing

The Soil Secrets products, Earth Magic / Protein Crumblies, may be applied anytime, normally twice annually. These products inoculate your soil with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi, and much needed Humus and provide plant available mineral nutrients. The beneficial mycorrhizae fungi help plants acquire water and nutrients making your landscape stronger and more drought tolerant in the long run. Humus – humus and more humus. Earth Magic is humus and there is no toxicity point to humus. If your soils are awful and you are in doubt use more than the label rate. Nothing else can do what humus and mycorrhizae do!!!!

TTP Supreme Compost can also be used, as it is a great organic form of nutrients that remain available to plants in the soil for a greater time than inorganic sources of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Many of these inorganic sources are water soluble and are carried deeper into the soil and away from the roots with each watering. It is best to avoid chemical fertilizers for this reason. Compost feeding can be done by direct application to the mulch beds around plants and then thoroughly watered in. All fertilizers chemical or organic need to be used properly as too much of even a good thing like our TTP Supreme Compost can cause burn and can cause plants to lose their relationship with the mycorrhizae. Feed with compost twice annually, in spring and fall.

Green Pastures AgriVillages is a proud business partner with the premium product line manufactured by Soil Secrets LLC.