Green Pastures AgriVillages: Caprine & Small Ruminant Production

Caprine Production

Caprine Meat Production: Chevron

Green Pastures AgriVillages will focus primarily on meat, then dairy goat production for self-reliance.

Caprine production offers three options:

  • Meat (Cabrito for Latino Populations, 1 year>; Chevron for Middle Eastern Populations, 1 year <)
  • Dairy (Only for the family)
  • Fibre

Green Pastures AgriVillages holds top breeding pairs of the Nubian breed of milk goat. Goat milk has many attributes for self-reliant agrivillages! The milk is known to be universally accepted for humans and pet animal companions in need of ‘nutri-nourishment’ in order to assist with a thriving newborn.

One moderately producing milk doe is quite enough to support a family of four. Regarding dairy production, the Nubian breed is most optimal!

Green Pastures AgriVillages holds top breeding pairs of the Kiko meat goat. In reference to meat production, the Kiko breed is most optimal animal. In order to implement effective, efficient, & excellent outcomes, goats provide the features in the ‘agrivillages prototype’ that is duplicatable in most locations. These animals are hardy, and the ability to apply animal husbandry is simple to manage for women and children!

The choice for goat production is completely intentional. It is possible to create a doubling of a herd within a year’s time, for the pregnancy timeframe is 4 months, where twins are usually borne!

Chevron or ‘goat meat’ is the mostly consumed meat product in the world!

Green Pastures AgriVillages promotes and supports the implementation of caprine production. Contact Dr. Hall for caprine herd health consultation.