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All Karatbars International employees contribute, through their actions, to the image of Karatbars’ partners and clients all over the world. We at Karatbars International believe that maintaining a strong reputation is greatly influenced by the reliable and trustworthy work of all our employees.

Our mission - to serve our clients in uniformity and direction, entailing strong, transparent communication processes (to best serve our customers and our ideals on dealing with colleagues and partners).

Our goal - to always find and implement new methods that perpetuate the improvement of Karatbars International in every avenue of the industry.


BEMER: BEMER stands for Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation “Electromagnetic energy is known as the oldest form of energy in the universe. Since the beginning, nature has produced this form of energy as the basis for the proper functioning of all organisms.” Peter Gleim, president of Inomad International AG, the manufacturing corporation of the BEMER, a pulsed magnetic field device.

Where is BEMER made and what are the certifications?

The BEMER is manufactured in Liechtenstein and has been on the market for over 10 years. It is sold in 42 countries world wide. In Europe, the BEMER has a highly respected certification in its classification as a Medical Device IIA.

No complaints of adverse side effects of the BEMER have been reported to the governing World Health Organization, who set European guidelines for public exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

The BEMER corporation in America was recently awarded an IRB # by the FDA. It is the only company in the US that has been given this number, allowing medical doctors in the U.S. To use the device in their practice and bill the insurance companies.

Cooperation Agreement with NASA signed!

Our engineers, scientists and application experts are working directly with renowned scientific institutes and universities in Europe and North America.


RxCBD: We are a business that recognizes the value of natural products & believes in the power of alternative medicine.
Our Contributors possess a wide range of knowledge and experience: Microbiologist, Engineer, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Baker, Animal Care & Nutrition!



Moringa (Moringa oleiferaLam.) is a multipurpose tropical tree. It is mainly used for food and has numerous industrial, medicinal and agricultural uses, including animal feeding. Nutritious, fast-growing and drought-tolerant, this traditional plant was rediscovered in the 1990s and its cultivation has since become increasingly popular in Asia and Africa, where it is among the most economically valuable crops. It has been dubbed the "miracle tree" or "tree of life" by the media (FAO, 2014;Radovich, 2009;Orwa et al., 2009;Bosch, 2004).


Our time-tested formulas with whole food ingredients provide safe, effective, high-quality nutritional support. Available through health care professionals, our products promote a better quality of life for patients.


Your support of Host Defense® helps on this global mission to:

1. We are a family-owned company specializing in functional food mushroom supplements to support natural immunity and whole body wellness.*

2. We pioneer strategies to counter Colony Collapse Disorder and save bees using mushrooms and fungi.

3. We teach about growing mushrooms for food on wood, straw, and other repurposed waste materials.

4. We protect the biodiversity of fungi along with the plants and animals that depend on them.

5. We develop mycofiltration methods to clean water using mycelium.
(Photo credit: Katherine Ball's mycofilters lower E. coli on Indianapolis Island)

6.We build soil with beneficial fungi to support plant and animal food webs, aiding agriculture, forests, and ecosystems.

What is BeeFriendly™?BeeFriendly™ is a Host Defense® initiative to help reverse the devastating declines in the global bee population that are critically threatening the world’s food security.

Why do bees need help? In 2015, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) rates increased 6% to affect 41% of managed bee colonies nationwide. Some scientists estimate that all managed bee colonies could face total decimation by CCD within five years. Although CCD is not fully understood, it appears to be a destructive synergism of multiple factors. Pathogen (bacterial & viral) infection harms bees already challenged by other stress factors: parasitic mites, pesticides, fungicides and GMO exposure. These stressors of infection, parasitism, toxins, and immune deficits/depression may initiate CCD.

Why Host Defense?
Bees need comprehensive immune support to combat the diseases, parasites, and toxins that are driving their decline. Supporting Host Defense means supporting bee recovery research and development.